Top 10 Living Room Staging Tips

9 January, 2021

Top 10 Living Room Staging Tips

  • We cant stress enough how important it is to declutter your home. Remove all the visible clutter and make sure the room is sparkly clean and fresh.
  • Staging is all about making a room feel rich and cosy without adding distractions. A rug adds warmth and texture to a living room and is a must-have

  • Use bright colours for accents such as flowers, pillows or throws.
  • Use smaller sofas and chairs to make the room appear larger.
  • Pull up blinds and open curtains before viewings. Plug in lamps to illuminate dark corners.

  • Decorative accents can also make the space feel more like a home. Make sure that your staging efforts go the full mile with a few last-minute touches that will make the home seem warm and inviting. Ottomans, baskets and table lamps make excellent decorations in the lounge.
  • If you have a lounge diner in your home - style your dining table with flowers, candles and clean tableware.

  • Choose sophisticated neutral colours on walls.
  • Though expensive, hardwood floors add value and elegance to a home. They are also low-maintenance and worth the investment in the long run.
  • Do the necessary work and repairs e.g. change the tired coving and skirting boards. Repaint walls and ceiling.

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